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8, Rue Claude Chapel CS 51865
35418 Saint-Malo cedex
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+33 (0)2 99 21 51 70
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+33 (0)2 99 81 95 13
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Michel MENNY (Chief Executive Officer)
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Administrative information

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Sector(s) of Activity :
technical packages used to protect Electrical, Gas, Water and Telecom networks


The Sofisme Group is a major actor in proposing technical packages used to protect Electrical, Gas, Water and Telecom networks through its subsidiaries: Seifel, Claved, Mersa, Novexia, Genitec, AEES.

The group is organized having four principal focused centres of activity :

- technical packaging solutions, protection & monitoring of MV & LV networks;

- distribution and connection service for Electricity, Gas, Water & Telecom networks;

- technical enclosures;

- equipment and systems for energy conversion, power electronics, remote & distant control and monitoring of networks.

SOFISME’s logical and coherent development in these fields of competency, because of different synergies and complementarities linking the subsidiaries, has permitted these different branches to acquire an international renown. Their important amount of experience enable them to offer solutions adapted to the ever increasing and varied customer requirement needs.

These three centres of activity are based on SOFISME’s competencies and different know-how : strategic coherency, financial excellence, investment support, management control and follow-up, international development.